A new Philips innovation


A new Philips innovation
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the default login and password?
2. Can I directly access CMND & Create and CMND & Control?
CMND & Create url : http://localhost:8082/SmartCMS
CMND & Control urls : http://localhost:8080/smartcontrol http://localhost:8080/SmartInstall
3. Help! My ProTVs are not detected by CMND & Control
Check the following things :
  1. Is your TV visible for the server?
    • Check the IP address of the TV in the dealer menu, network settings
    • Ping this IP from the server using a dos command box and issuing the command: ping ip_of_the_tv
      If you get responses from the TV then it is working fine
  2. Is your TV configured to find the server?
    • Check the IP address of your server, via cmnd/ipconfig
    • Go to the dealer menu, web listening service
Check that the url is set to: http://ip_of_the_server:8080/SmartInstall/webservices.jsp
Mind the capital letters.
If not, configure the web listening service, save the settings in the dealer menu and reboot the set.
It takes generally about one minute for a TVto be discovered and be visible in the CMND & Control UI