A new Philips innovation


A new Philips innovation
How to Install CMND
How to download and install the CMND software suite
How to use the WYSIWYG website creator
A basic explanation of how the WYSIWYG works
How to change website orientation
How to change the orientation when creating a website for portrait oriented devices
How to edit your channel list
How to edit the channel list of a clone file using CMND
How to upload a clone file
How to prepare your clone for uploading it into the CMND system
How to integrate social media feeds
How can you easily integrate social media feeds into your SmartInfo page
How to upload a website
How to upload a website within CMND
How to assign content to a TV
How to assign content to a TV
How to upload firmware (ProTV)
How to upload firmware to CMND to prepare for distribution
How to create multilingual content
How to create SmartInfo pages supporting multiple languages
How to create a playlist
How to use a playlist for multiple media file display
How to add custom fonts
How to use custom fonts within CMND & Create