A new Philips innovation


A new Philips innovation
Optional hardware
To run CMND you will need:
A PC or laptop running Windows (Windows 7,8 and 10 are supported)
8GB of RAM at least
Access to the cmnd.io website where you can find the CMND installer
In case you want to use CMND in the RF network a supported Dektec card is required
A 256 GB HDD with at least 50GB of free space
For your convenience we have made a ready-to-buy package which contains a preinstalled PC containing the CMND software. You have multiple form factors and choose if you want to go for an RF or IP version of the server. You can even buy the Dektec cards separately.
You can also use your own hardware
There are a large number of Dektec cards supported. Our main testing and therefore recommend cards are the following:
DTA 112
DTA 2111
DTA 115
DTU 215 (USB version)
The following cards have been confirmed NOT to work:
DAT 102
DAT 105
DAT 2162
DTA 236A
DTA 2138
DTA 2139
DTA Plus

Retailer list where Dektec cards can be bought is available on the following link